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Learning to putt better from a Putt Doctor Associate:

The most important keys to putting can vary slightly depending on individual preferences and techniques, but there are a few key principles that are widely recognized as crucial for successful putting:

  1. Aim and Alignment: Proper aim and alignment is essential to ensure the putter face is square to the intended target line. Align your body, putter, ball markings, if used, and eyes parallel to the target line to improve accuracy.
  2. Distance Control: Developing a consistent and reliable sense of distance control is vital. Practice judging the speed of the greens and mastering the length of your backswing to consistently achieve the desired distance.
  3. Stroke Mechanics: A smooth and repeatable putting stroke is essential. Focus on a pendulum-like motion, utilizing the shoulders and arms rather than excessive hand or wrist movement. Maintain a steady rhythm and tempo throughout the stroke. We will put you in the correct anatomical position to utilize the necessary big muscles.
  4. Visualization: Visualize the desired path and roll of the ball before executing the putt. Develop a clear mental image of the ball rolling along the intended line and visualize the successful outcome.
  5. Focus and Confidence: Putting requires mental discipline and confidence. Stay focused on the process and trust your abilities. Avoid dwelling on previous misses or future outcomes and maintain a positive mindset. Knowing key statistics can help to keep your mind in check as well.
  6. Practice and Repetition: Consistent practice is key to improving your putting. Devote time to drills and exercises that target specific putting skills, such as distance control, alignment, and stroke consistency.

By incorporating these key elements into your putting routine and continually refining your skills, you can enhance your ability to sink putts and improve your overall performance on the greens.

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Dr. Brown and his oldest daughter Isla at the Chevron Championship.

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Dr. Brown and Dr. Craig Farnsworth, the Putt Doctor himself.